Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Usually not. Insertion of the needles goes unnoticed by some, while others may feel a heavy sensation, or a pleasant dull ache. These sensations are the needles connecting with your energy, known as Qi. Because the needles are solid (unlike needles when you give blood or get a shot), they are very very thin, some are only a little thicker than a hair.

Are the acupuncture needles sterile?

Absolutely! The needles I use are made of stainless steel and are disposable. I use them for you and then I discard them.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need depends on many factors: age, overall health, types of treatment utilized, and compliance with suggestions. Typically, the shorter a problem has been around, the quicker the recovery. Also, typically the younger the patient, the faster the response. Of course, I have seen exceptions to all these rules! As a general guideline, plan on 4-6 treatments in the span of 4-6 weeks to give you the best chance to feel great. Many patients notice change after just one or a few treatments and other may need more. Once you are consistently feeling good, I usually recommend a ‘tune-up’ visit once a month to once every three months.

Are the herbs safe?

Yes. I am very selective with the herb companies I use in my practice. Every company I use has a rigorous inspection and formulation process, with third party independent laboratory testing. The results of these tests are available for every bottle of herbs I prescribe. Be sure to tell me if you are taking any other medications or supplements, so I can ensure there are no contraindications.