Integrative Team

I am fortunate to work with a tremendous team of traditional and conventional medical practitioners. Here are links to some of the people I commonly refer to when needed:


Integrative Change, Inc.
South Florida’s Premier Mental Health Resource

When you are seeking help, you want the best. However navigating the field of mental health professionals can be daunting and even confusing. At Integrative Change, Inc., we have assembled the leading psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists in South Florida for you.


Sobe Spine

Dr. Yoav Suprun, a McKenzie Physical Therapist, is a colleague at our integrative medical center in Miami Beach. He specializes in neck and back pain and I frequently refer patients to him for a combined approach of acupuncture and physical therapy.


Michelle Alva

Michelle Alva is the energy at the integrative center. She has a background in physical therapy and combines that expertise with deep breathing and energy work for a unique healing energy experience.