Qi Gong Meditation

Qi Gong encompasses a number of styles of meditation, both seated, and moving, to promote health. Below you will find a guided imagery meditation you can use to learn how to master the flow of energy in your body.

General Information

According to Chinese medicine, each major organ system is said to be positively influenced by a particular color. In this guided imagery meditation, we are going to utilize that association to heal and strengthen our internal organs.

The color associations are: Lungs prefer White, Heart prefers Red, Spleen prefers Yellow, Liver prefers Green, and Kidneys prefer Dark Blue/Black.

For the meditation, begin with your eyes closed. Take some deep, diaphragmatic breaths, feeling your abdomen expand on the inhale. On the exhale, feel your abdomen contract, gently pushing the air out of your body. Take your time to get comfortable and focused. The secret to guided imagery meditations is in the details.

One by one, slowly visualize yourself painting each organ with its respective color. With as much detail as possible, see each imaginary paintbrush stroke coat the respective organ.

Notice if any particular place on the organ is especially receptive of the color. Notice if some part of the organ refuses the color. Do this without judgment. This is your body�s way of giving you information about yourself. As each organ is being painted, any damaged cells or energetic imbalances begin to correct.

Paint each organ, going one at a time, working from the Lung down to the Kidneys. If there was a spot that as uncolored at first, go back and try it again, and see if the organ is now more receptive. After each organ is painted, look at how the colors interact with each other. You might notice them stay clearly defined and separate or they may run together. Again, observe without judgment.

After all of the organs have been painted, visualize yourself standing under a waterfall. The water hits the top of your head and enters the top of your head. Allow it to wash each of the organs. The colors are washed away along with any imbalances or disease. Allow those impurities to wash out the bottom of your feet and return to the earth.

Open your eyes and know that balance has been restored. Your organs will now be functioning more freely and easily after being bathed in their preferred color.